Why I Named My Blog, “The Mothers Room”

My goal is to inspire and support moms all over. We are the only ones who know how this feels. It is imperative that we stick together. -Nikki B

I breastfed my youngest for 18 months (go me!) and a couple of those months were spent pumping at work. Before I go any further, I would like to add that while I loved breastfeeding, I am not one of those moms who shame other women if they did not breastfeed. Truth moment…I breastfed my first daughter for about 10 days. I am probably exaggerating a little bit, it may have been more like 7 days but hey who is counting! Both of my kids are healthy and happy! I do believe in the benefits of breastfeeding, but I am also a strong believer that a mother’s well being is the most important source of nutrition for a baby. As a first time mom, I was stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted. I knew that giving my daughter formula was the best for both of us, at that time.

Okay so like I was saying, for those who may not know, the place for moms to pump is usually called,”The Mothers Room”. I remember going into the room and as soon as I walked in I saw women with their boobs out with such confidence. It was so inspiring to see women in one room literally letting it all hang out! It was a place where women were not judged and we supported each other.

I remember one time, I forgot my storage bags. I proudly pumped about 10 oz and was devastated when I looked in my bag to find zero bags! There was another woman in the room, and I shamefully asked “do you have an extra storage bag?” She happily gave me a bag and said, “we gotta stick together”. Those words resonated with me and well- voila! Here we are!

Listen, this isn’t the sunflowers and daisies or parent’s magazine’s version of what motherhood is like. This is where we cry over spilled milk (literally) we question our sanity, and we drink wine before 12pm. Ladies, this is a judgement free zone. Let all of your dirty laundry out because let’s be honest nobody likes folding that sh*t anyway. The Mothers Room is where we can be honest with ourselves and like an actual nursing room, take our bras off and BE FREE! Lets start pumping our confidence and dumping our ridiculous need to be a perfect mom because society expects nothing less. THIS SH*T AIN’T EASY(yes, I said ain’t. Judgement free zone, remember?)!

I will say this though, being someone’s mom is the most rewarding and fulfilling job. I love when my kids just want to cuddle or have me wipe their butts. Some days I confidently drink from my “World’s Best Mom” mug and other days I think, “who approved my request to reproduce?”.

So with all of that being said, lets be the amazing women that we are and lets support each other!

Welcome to my blog.

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